Hard work always wins.

Good Habits Formed Early Make All The Difference

Welcome to the Art of Pitching Corp

The Art Of Pitching Corp aims to not only develop athletic performance but also create role models and leaders in the baseball community.

Through our personalized training our goal is to teach athletes how to efficiently throw a baseball with the proper mechanics, while also taking preventative measures for reducing arm injuries and eliminating arm pain. Our programs are structured to build well-rounded and healthier athletes. We assess our athletes to identify their skill level and find areas they need to improve in to progress their pitching abilities. This will include strength training, arm care, and an array of skill-related fitness components to help athletes master the art of pitching.

“Hard work always wins”
-The Art Of Pitching Corp

Art Salazar Jr

  • Multiple training sessions
  • Professional trainer
  • Customized workout plans
  • Remote training
  • Drills for specialized individuals
  • Arm strengthening program
  • Core Work
  • Conditioning

About the Trainer

Like a lot of us I was not an Aflac all American or sought out by the top Division 1 schools in the country. Also like you I had to work for every shot. I kept finding ways to get to the next level, including winning a championship in the prospect league followed by a dominant season with Hope International University where everything started to look promising. That was until an injury during the fall of my senior year altered my course. If I wanted to stay around the game of baseball I would need another direction.
I began to concentrate on The Art of Pitching, studying so I can relay the message to those wanting to play the game as long as they can while minimizing injuries. Although I walked away from the game hurt and not being able to continue my career, my number one goal is passing along the knowledge I learned throughout my 17 year playing career playing for some of the top coaches in the country. I see myself in every young pitcher I am able to work with and I want them to take their careers further then I was able to.
I currently am the pitching coach for Chaffey College and Coach for CBA baseball based out of Southern California.

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